Annea Lyvv Dreisz, 1977, makes paintings, videos, performances, sounds and writes in between. All of these disciplines communicate with each other to the point that almost no work can exist without the other. In her performances Dreisz works with alter egos to explore the borders of identity and reality. In 'Welcome to the 5th Dimension' she created the alter ego Pipo Pipola Pipolaki - a strange futuristic oracle living in the 5th dimension dressed in a spacey glittering burka - bringing physical healing and spiritual salvation to the viewer through the use of cosmic frequencies and a language of sounds that seems to come from another world. Dreisz calls this the "analogue" world where she finds most of her ideas. Video's are used as an installation, they make it possible to rearrange realities. (What was once a white wall, becomes a swimming pool/ an abstract moving image.) "Working with video's gives me the opportunity to play with the concept time/space and thus gives the viewer a new sense of being, disorienting their believes of who they thought they were. I want to blur on the line that is drawn out to make the distinction between what is real and what is illusion. It's about finding a new way of communication."
Dreisz has transformed her atelier in a space where she both can experiment with the act of creation/performance. 'I want it to be like a lab. constantly experimenting. looking. indulging in colors. painting. listening. making sounds, writing, thinking. investigating. questioning. being full of wonder.'
"My works are made from a wish to connect with people and have a mutual experience that operates on a soul level. I think of an atelier/gallery as a space for presentation of things to look at in a different way/ to experience in a different way."