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Universal Reformer No.0013
Universal Reformer No.0013, Elsa Von (Madam, I firmly stand my ground!)
Broomstick, acrylics, hairpiece

This the Baroness!
No sssssplinterlollypop for me!

No spinsterlollypop for me-- yes-- we have
No bananasI got lusting palate-- I
Always eat them-- -- -- -- -- -- --
They have dandy celluloid tubes-- all sizes--
Tinted diabolically as a baboon’s hind-complexion.
A man’s a--
Will-o’-th’-wisp! What’s the dread
Matter with the up-to-date-American-
Home-comforts? Bum insufficient for the
Should-be wellgroomed upsy!
That’s the leading question.
There’s the vibrator-- -- --
Coy flappertoy! I am adult citizen with
Vote-- I demand my unstinted share
In roofeden-- witchsabbath of our baby-
Lonian obelisk.
What’s radio for--if you please?
“Eve’s dart pricks snookums upon
Wirefence. “
An apple a day-- -- --
It’ll come-- -- -- --
Ha! When? I’m no tongueswallowing yogi.
Progress is ravishlng--
It doesn’t me--
Nudge it --
Kick it--
Prod it--
Push it--
Broadcast-- -- -- --
That’s the lightning idea!
S.O.S. national shortage of--
What ?
How are we going to put it befitting
Lifted upsys?
Psh! Any sissy poet has sufficient freezing
Chemicals in his Freudian icechest to snuff all
Cockiness. We’ll hire one.
Hell! Not that! That’s the trouble-- --
A dozen coctails please!