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Universal Reformer No.0009
Universal Reformer No.0009
Broomstick, lackpaint, hair piece

Olga showed us manouvres never seen before.
Never. Not by any human that I know of.
Oh my... WOW!!!
The name Olga. A girl’s name of Russian origin. Meaning holy.
I broke the system.
Dazzling twists and tumbles at the Munich Olympics catapulting her to fame literally overnight.
10 years. same thing. No rest. No holidays No vacacions.
No sundays. Every day. No eat. No smoke No drink No boyfriend.
No nothing. Just practice.
I built a small gym in my room.
She is not like everybody. She is different.
Grodno. Belarus. Beams and Bars.
A bit shy but daring.
She was very Lazy. Very Capricious.
Olga is eccentric. Has her own will.
Laika the dog was ready for space.
Bold and dazzling manouvres.
9.80. a storm in the crowd.
Olga Khokhlova was also a ballet dancer in the Russian ballet and the first wife of Pablo Picasso, one of his early artistic muses and the mother of his son, Paulo. You were eather a godess or a doormat.
Don’t whistle, Masha. How can you! [Pause] I’m always having headaches from having to go to the High School every day and then teach till evening. Strange thoughts come to me, as if I were already an old woman. And really, during these four years that I have been working here, I have been feeling as if every day my strength and youth have been squeezed out of me, drop by drop. And only one desire grows and gains in strength ...
To go away to Moscow. To sell the house, drop everything here, and go to Moscow ...
Yes! To Moscow, and as soon as possible