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Universal Reformer No.0007, Alice (I Am the Century)
Universal Reformer No.0007, Alice (I Am the Century)
Broomstick, acrylics, hairpiece

I am in tuuuune with the Pu Pu Pulse of the Universe. In my quiet and solitude, I hear the Melodies of the Soul. All insults, all attacks on, all downgrading and exploitation of women as such should be fought by all women. Alice, derived from the Old French name Aalis, a diminutive of Adelais that itself came from the Germanic name Adalhaidis. Alice meaning Noble. First women I met in this life: Alice and Alice was my mother. Elisabeth. Queen. Aquarius. They always know best. My hero. Ofcourse. Mothers and fathers are always heros. Even if they do everything wrong. My mother was a very special one. Thus this broom is a very emotional broom with the Moon in Scorpio. Moon in 12th house. Squaring with Saturn and you know what that means. Oh a Connoisseur par Excellence!Oh she will sweep with love for humanity all around the house while singing "Aaaaaaalways Look on the Briiiiight siiiiiide, padoem, padoempoem, dadndoeboom" Sweep Sweep! Swoosh! and swiiiiiiirl! Grand ideas on the liberation of humankind but stuck under the thumb of a man. Deep as the waters and heavenly blue makin their ways into the greys of the day. This broom does not accept submission in any ways. Mother! Here we are. Free at last. True romantics. This must be one of the most fortunate brooms in the Chinese Zodiac!
Then I met Alice Neel. I watched and watched and watched. Ho wcould her paintings were invisible during her life? Ach, since God was made a man and all the symbols of strength & power have been made men, naturally women are male chauvinist enough to wish, to identify utterly with these magnificent beings, so there can be no feminine sensibility because per se it would be inferior. Beware of being in a relationship with a powerfull man as a woman with a powerfull voice.... They will go at great length to erase your voice, to dim your sound, to make you INVISIBLE! Beware oh wonderwomen!
Stay away from the electroshocks!
Look as a little girl my mother used to say to me, "I don’t know what you expect to do in the world, you’re only a girl." Now that is a hard thing for a little girl to take.
But you were an artist and you gave it up.
I gave it up but I didn’t give it up for my husband the friend counters.
I gave it up becaue I didn’t think I had the the energy to do both.
There is a difference. Well, in a sense it is still the same.
You assume to the burdens. I don’t mean to be personal about it, but that has been the universal role for women. They even call her helpmeet.
If I had you as a wife, I really could have gotten somewhere! If you are a woman artist and you have men in your life, they are nearly always envious and competitive. They do not support you the way somebody we know in a blue dress was supported by her husband. One guy cut up all my work out of jealousy! Goya had 20 children and the Duchess of Alba was his sweetheart but his wife never cut up his work.