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Universal Reformer No.0006, Isidora Anna Zophia (She ran ahead where there were no paths)
Universal Reformer No.0006, Isidora Anna Zophia (She ran ahead where there were no paths)
Broomstick, acrylics, hairpiece

All the world is my stage. I set new trails ablaze. Trie the untried. Come with me on my Carrousel rides. See the Myriads of colors. The flickering lights. Anna Zophia and me had a secret pact on flickering Light. She was a Russian dancer and I met her when I was 11 years old and we both appeared on television. She was the most beautiful girl I ever saw and her mother would make sure she looked perfect. Oh how jealous I was! She was a wild child ran away and making jokes. Her mother runnin after her watching out she did not accidentely appear on television. Her mother catched her, dropped her in the chair and made sure her two tails were perfect, COMBING THEM FOR HOURS! And then she disappeared. Entrance Isidora! woosh woosh. I ran into the library, a book jumped into my pocket. I ran home. “Dance is the movement of the universe concentrated in an individual.”yes. yes. yes. You were once wild here. Don’t let them tame you.”yes. yes. yes. “I am seeking that dance which might be the divine expression of the human spirit through the medium of the body’s movement.” Isadora Duncan was an American dancer who rejected classical ballet forms for more natural movements of interpretive dance, which later evolved into modern dance. Isadora Duncan first found fame in Europe which received her more readily. Isadora Duncan’s personal life was also unconventional and scandalous, If I could tell you what it meant, there would be no point in dancing it. What I am interested in doing is finding and expressing a new form of life. People do not live nowadays. They get about ten percent out of life. The whole world is absolutely brought up on lies. We are fed nothing but lies. It begins with lies and half our lives we live with lies. Ou comment deux danseuses, que tout opposait, ont contribué à libérer la condition féminine. ”There was never a place for her in the ranks of the terrible, slow army of the cautious. She ran ahead, where there were no paths.” - Dorothy Parker, 1928. Isadora Duncan (1877-1927), often called the “mother of modern dance” was born in San Francisco and went on to liberate dance from the confines of the ballet of her time, shedding slippers and corset to combine the use of simple, natural movement with a vibrant musicality. She sought a movement vocabulary that would illuminate the human spirit and its connection to nature and she was the first to choreograph to music not originally written for dance, including the works of Beethoven, Chopin, Brahms, and Scriabin. Duncan’s career was marked by controversy as American audiences took exception to her bare limbs and bold movement. She was determined to succeed and left with her boundless spirit to Europe and Russia where she met and inspired the some of the great artists of her time. In May 1899 Isadora and her family traveled to London, in search of ways to explore art history and connections to movement. Isadora studied the Greek and Roman antiquities at the British Museum sitting for hours in front of the artworks and imagining how they might move. Here she met and performed for prominent Londoners dancing the legend of Orpheus, to the music of Gluck. In The Art of the Dance Isadora described herself as neither the narrator nor the character of the myths she danced, but the “soul of the music”. She danced as a soloist but always imagined herself to be the Greek Chorus reflecting the voices of nature and humanity.This broom symbolizes power, passion and perfection, laughing with every injustice and suffering and sweepin it out of existence in a gracefull controversial way. A fortunate broom to be around, a dynamic personality to say the least. Impulsive swirling is my game. I will arouse every sort of emotion in people, but never indifference! I practice daily. Let me play out all the fantastic roles I cut out for myself. and yes I will lash out at Society and scoff at immoral traditions.