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Universal Reformer No.0005
Universal Reformer No.0005, Maria (Io Sang Reale, Holy Grail),
Broomstick, acrylics, hairpiece

Maria Magdalena or Maria Callas???? Two very influential women in my life. An opera begins long before the curtain goes up and ends long after it has come down. Mary Magdalene was falsely identified as a repentant prostitute, and has been incorrectly depicted in classical art as a so-called sinner, often found weeping and wiping the feet of Jesus with her lovely long hair. Recent New Testament scholarship has shown that this concept of Mary Magdalene is not at all an accurate portrayal of The Magdalene. Mary Magdalene was a respected leader of a group of disciples, both male and female, who were purportedly present at the crucifixion, whereas other male disciples (with the possible exception of John the Beloved) had fled.
Let's do a meditation...
Make yourself comfortable, in a way that is best for you. You might want to sit up straight or you may prefer to lie down. When you find the right position bring your attention to your breath. Be aware that the air is filled with prana with particles of energy that are nourishing your body and are connecting you to all life. Feel the gratitude inside for the gift of transformation. for the gift of love. and for the gift of connection. You have come here to stand up for a world anchored in Love and Light. A new world based in Harmony and Peace. Bring your attention to your heartspace and there is this eternal flame of love. It is a flame of Freedom. Now prepare yourself to meet Mary Magdalen. She comes to you to offer you a most sacred ruby sphere of energy. This is the frequency of universal love that is ever present. Take a few moments to take this energy in. Let it fill you and activate you with the memory of love. Mary Magdalene is still with you, aligning you with the Divine Mother, the Creator and the Sophia Universal Wisdom. We now go to the Temple of Unconditional Love. Take your time to connect with this Sacred place. Find a comfortable place. The whole space is filled with Divine Love. Feel the DIvine Love inside you and flood the people around you and all Living Beings with this Divine Ruby Light. Feel the Flame of Eternal Love in your Heart and let it grow. You can make it as big as you want. You can encompass the whole world in this Divine Flame of Eternal Love. Now see that you are this Flame. You are this flame of freedom and love. You Are the Light. Now honour and thank Mary Magdalene for all the Love and Light she shares. Thank your physical body for being there for you, so you can experiance Gaia’s paradise. Your body is your best friend and your sacred Temple, your real home. Give it lots of High Frequency love. Slowly you can come back to the present moment and open your eyes while you still feel the flame of Divine Love.Stay as long as you like in the Internal Silence.
Welcome in the Golden Age. The Age of Enlightenment.