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{w e l c o m e  t o  t h e  5 t h  d i m e n s i o n}
{w e l c o m e t o t h e 5 t h d i m e n s i o n}
performance @atelier1.10

This performance started with 3 video's I made in a swimming pool in the South of France. I call them Infinity Pool I,II,III named after the exact name the architects gave these specific kind of very sofisticated swimming pools that have a straight edge of water so you littelarly connect water and landscape. What fascinated me was the lightplay that occured when you jump in the water. There is a certain structure, form and movement that appears which is kindof hypnotizing. WATER MOVES IN LIGHT and through light and human interaction. Its the communication of WATER,LIGHT and PERSON. I could keep on watching it while it took me in a sort of trance. So then I filmed it and changed the speed so it becomes even more hypnotizing and in a way alienating. I kept the original sound of the water which transformed as well through the changing of the speed and this sounded perfect to me.
So that was the ultimate start of this performance. This pool of infinite possibilities(thats what it represents to me). I knew I wanted to connect it with human voice. As I have been exploring the possibilities of the human voice throughout my life I wanted to let go of everything I knew(which I'm also busy with my whole life as we get information constantly so constantly you have to check, is it real, or is it not? Is it true or is it false?. At home Guy gave me Tibetan singing bowls and I started to listen to them and they started to speak to me and made me clear my voice is an infinity pool of endless possibilities. So I started to experiment with this. I would sit inside the infinity pool and listen what would come up. I would record layer after layer of different sounds and this would become a sortof a soundscape. So this was the setting. I knew this would be the setting. I would project the 3 videos straight on the wallso it forms kindof an aquarium where peomple sit in.
So then I started to think about how people should experience this Infinity Pool. This is a very important part of the 'oelalila experiment' namely the questioning of HOW the viewer will experience the performance. So I started to think on what it is exactly that I want to do (which I'm also questioning my whole life already)? From the first of january 2017 I started to meditate and channel in my studio and would bring in this vibration of the 5th dimension which means the idea of paradise ( I do not mean utopia as utopia implies a visionary world that is NOT reality. This vision of paradise I'm talking about is VERY real) where everything is possible but only from a certain state of consciousness.In a way I see myself as someone who comes from the future and with this image of the future that is quite fascinating I came back over here to let you know that paradise is very real. So there are certain things NOT possible. These are universal laws and I am in total servance of these laws cus they appear to be very wise so I will not go in discussion with someone who is not as wise as the universe itself as they would understand how wise these laws are and would not want to discuss them but serve them and this would be inspiring to create even a higher way of being.oh, and I love paradoxes.
So actually I see my atelier as a personification of the creation of paradise. Of course it's an experiment so nothing is already decided or fixed. It unfolds day by day.(!!!) Every day I talk with the gods and they give me information on how to proceed.
So, then I realized I wanted to create a persona in the video installation. I found a peace of very colourfull glittery space fabric and put it over me so atually I was wearing a very glittering Burka which felt perfectly right to me as I feel like the liberation of this dark force that oppresses women all over the world. When I stand in front of the video projection there appear to be two shadow figures that are the personification of my shadow and while I personificate the female voice, it's the transformation of the female transformation of human perspective of the 21st century throough art.
So how will the viewer experience the performance?
I decided it would be one on one. Before the viewer comes in, they will wait in a waiting room where they are asked to think about a question that they want to see answered, they are also asked to forget everything they know so far. THen they come in and will be welcomed in the 5th dimension.
There was a rule I gave myself to make it very positive, very positive. As we are bombarded by very negative information that is not even necessarily true, I want to bring some opposite power, the idea of the possibility of liberation and freedom.
So the viewer gets a compliment 'you are so waw!' and that is to let the viewer remember in a sense who they really are. It's from an overall perspective on life where pure love is the ultimate basis of life. (which is quite shockingly different from the current situation.)I always liked art that was shocking and provocing. But I'lm now questioning myself so much on how much more shocks can the people experience? I think the whole world is in a state of shock so I every day for the last two years I tried to become more and more enlightened so I could bring that vibration into my art. So then the viewer gest a sound. This sound is created on the moment the viewer is there. It's a sort of metaphysical answer on the question they asked. And it is never the same. I see it as an act of transformation where the viewer gets disoriented in the images, the space and the sound, sometimes I speak but it is a language the viewer cannot understand. It is important everything is in a way non understandable. there are no 2 performances alike. After the performance the viewer goes outside and gets a paper which says 'you are now pure gold' which implies that the viewer has become gold referring to the alchemists who can turn objects into gold. So a very important aspect of this performance is transformation.