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Universal Reformer  No.2  /  (Roberta)
Universal Reformer No.2 / (Roberta)

The making of ‘the broom came as lucky assignment.

Universal Reformer No.3 / (Roberta)

broomstick, lackpaint, hair piece

(Colorscheme for a superstar, bubblegumpink, cremewhite, himmelblau)
But a Broom Stick, perhaps you will say, is an Emblem of a Tree standing on its Head__and pray what is Man, but a Topsey Turvey Creature, his Animal Faculties perpetually mounted on his Rational_His Head where his Heels should be, groveling on the Earth, and yet with all his Faults, he sets up to be a Universal Reformer and Corrector of Abuses, a Remover of Grievances, rakes into every Sluts Corner of Nature, bringing Hidden Corruptions to the Light, and raises a Mighty Dust where there was none before__("Meditation upon a Broomstick" by Jonathan Swift, 1701)