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{o e l a l i l a / a performance experiment in twelve parts by Vyvy Zwevenepoel} / interviews by and with artists
{o e l a l i l a / a performance experiment in twelve parts by Vyvy Zwevenepoel} / interviews by and with artists

the building of the white cube. origin of atelier 1.10.

No.1 the holy square.

7m width x 7m length.


V. Welcome VYvy.
V. Thank you. So this is your atelier. You call it atelier 1.10. That gives the impression that you see the space both as a place where art is made and a place where art is shown.
The atelier is situated in a building that used to be a school. So every classroom now has become an atelier. Each classroom has a number and mine is No.1.10. If you calculate 1+10=11 and 11 has always been a magical number to me. When I see 11 I know great things will happen but I also know it won't be easy and that's exactly how I like it. I'm also living on No.11.
So in that sense it feels like my working studio and at the same time it will be a place where art is shown. It was already for a long time in my mind to be able to make art and at the same time show other peoples work while you will inspire each other. It's a sort of a very free academy. but very royal. haha. but it never went right or felt right but now the whole situation seems perfect.

The first thing I did, after I painted the walls in white so I got as close as I could to a white cube, I put a white tape on the floor so there is a square in the room of 7m by 7m.
This I call 'the holy square'. For me it was very important to do this as all the actions that will happen in the atelier will happen within 'the holy square'. I love it that this room was 7m wide so I could create a square of 7 by 7. While seven is a very mysterious and philosophical number. 7x7 is also representing eternity and infinity (both in numerology and ancient religion) which will influence every action that will take place within the square. So this was the first inauguration of the space.
So every acton that will take place will be influenced by the fact that it's a square and it 7 by 7m an it's white, it represents eternity so the element time is questioned.
I want to create a space where time is endless or does not exist. So how do we experience time? Is time universal or is time very individual? Is it an invention of our mind to make a certain communication possible? etc..
The last two years I have been exploring my own being through meditation and the act of non doing (what is not stimulated in our society at all ..Im seriously thinking about introducing the thought of 'to work as a criminal act'!) and it became very clear to me that through art I want to create paradise on earth. I'm not talking about Utopia cus that implies that it's not realistic. But to me this paradise is very realistic. So I have this vision and this holy square is the only place where I create rules and I create my paradise. This with the help of the highest deities.
So I'm into creating the New Golden Age and how to live in the 5th dimension.
Within this square I want to create the world of the 5th dimension. There are rules and you cannot enter this space without accepting these rules. I will be very strict in that.
V. So when you create, this happens in the 5th dimension?
V. Yes. Exactly. I have created it and now this will be the 5th dimension.
V. What can you tell us about the 5th dimension?
V.The 5th dimension is a certain vibration and a very pure frequency. THe organisation of this 5th dimensional community is the natural result of the integration of these energies through the individuals that are staying here.
In the 5th dimension everything is possible.